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oh, oh! I was there. I really, really hope I was a grade A, top choice milf. At least, that's what I aspire to be.


Steel Reserve? I bought some because the cans reminded me of OK Soda...which in turn reminded me of Cake (How DO I afford my rock and roll lifestyle?), my old Volvo and high school in general. And then I drank said Steel Reserve and lost my will to live.

Also, Andrea should rest assured that she appears to be every bit a hottie.


This is your best post ever...you really should cut and paste the (parenthetical portion) of the 2nd paragraph into your bio.


MILFs. yum.


I also bought Steel Reserve because the packaging was cool. Turns out it was designed by a fairly cool agency in San Francisco (Turner Duckworth).

Strangely, I kind of enjoyed it, and you can't beat the price.


I just emailed this post to my wife...turns out she was @ Trader Joe's yesterday morning!!!


Rec'd msg re: MILFs, thx. DILFs also in avail in store? Pls advise.


That's an easy one: DILFs (unaccompanied by MILFs) shop from 1.5 hours to store close until store close.

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