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I feel your pain. Also, yay for tall girls who aren't afraid to wear heels!


Must be something in the air. You know, cause from Tennessee, Utah and Minnesota are basically the same place.

Tall chicks wearing heels. Like fat guys wearing parkas.


Their tits may be bigger, but at least I've got the legs.


I think we need a picture of the dress to get the whole idea here.


All in favor of Jason's idea - say I!....I!
The I's have it! Where's the pic?


Yeah, could we please see a picture of you wearing the dress and the shoes? Oh, yeah, tall women should never refrain from wearing heels. What's the matter with you people?


You'll just have to wait for the next appropriate social engagement.


I bet you look adorable in that outfit. Didn't you say you were going to Mexico for awhile? Maybe before you leave you could post a photo, yes?


I vote in favor of those killah heels. Those are cute. Very you.


Don't listen to those that gotta hate. Heels are perfectly awesome for women of all heights. The only ones who have a problem with it are short, insecure men.

I vote "no" on the Killahs, though. Unless you have an outfit that needs those exact shoes... Hmm.. The pattern is interesting, but the shape seems very wrong to me, especially when I look at the top view.

The ones you did buy, on the other hand: Woah nelley! Thems are some fine and funky shoes!


I'm thinking I just don't like the pointy toes on the Killah heels. I simply can't get past it. Ah, well. There will be others.

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