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that's right ladies. the competition will be fierce. how many mojitos will it take for you to win? only my future ex-wife will know?*

*note - future ex-wife thing does not mean only one lucky lady needs to win. i would love to experience as many engagements/marriages/divorces as possible to really and truly get everything right. or wrong.

and unfortunately. it is possible alexis is our current leader.


Taylor, have I told you lately that you are gay?! Any lady that is gettin' some cock isn't worried about your featherless pillows!!






Poor Taylor. He's either mistaken for a woman, a gay man, or a drunk giving advice on what to do when your date is in the bathroom. Oh, that last one was real.

Taylor: maybe Alexis can give you advice on bed linens next. 300 thread count? 400? Satin? Oh... the choices are endless!!!!!


Too bad he's a Sagitarius.


All that matters is that Taylor is totally hot. And by hot, I mean HOT.

Matthew H

All this talk of pillows, drunken Zodiacs and textile structure has my head spinning.


But Rex, is he H-A-W-T? I think that is the real question here.

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