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Ack. I took another gander over there. I think I never cottoned to it for the same reasons I never took to edsroom. The bunch of not-wanting-to-grow-up posers bitching and fighting about who was cooler than who far outweighed the actual interesting conversations about things that actually mattered.

I think I'm becoming a curmudgeon. You are, however, one of the most level-headed, practical 20-something singles I know. Not to knock all late 20's to early 30's singles or anything.

Mostly I just got pissed off because someone had the nerve to say you were only "hottish".


Don't worry, I took that up with him privately. We've since straightened all of that out and are BFF again.


Are you not on The Aggregator anymore? Maybe it's just a glitch. Or is MNSpeak gettin' all DELETE key happy again?


Hey I've been jonesin' for some meth and I was hopin' you could hook me up with a recipie ... I heard you were the right girl to ask???


i think the aggregator looks at the last 2 days posts.
since Alexis was in balmy climes, it wouldn't show her... this post should show up tomorrow morning - i hope???

Get Over Yourself

Get over yourself. You're only "hottish" -- it could be worse, honey. Keep on looking up meth recipes and blobbetty-blahhing about your-so-called mature, got-it-more-together-than-other-20-30 yrs old kinda life. Yikes. What ego!


Ah, yes... if this is what MNSpeak brings out, I totally remember why it could never maintain my interest.


So she has a big ego. At least she is honest and proud of herself, millions of dollars are spent on therapy and self-help seminars & books so others can feel that way about themselves. A lot of people who participate in online communities have an online ego that surpasses their in-person ego, that to me is cowardly.

I find it interesting that Alexis was honest about her thoughts when approached by the press (and her words were somewhat mangled which is out of her hands) and since her thoughts weren't nice people get bothered by that. Aren't many of us wishing there would be less spin and more real?

As far as the MNspeak, I have been lurking about since last July or so and I honestly can't tell that much difference except for the newer right wing voices and the spiraling bitterness the last couple of weeks. Maybe I am missing out on some inside jokes or something. The "editing" is very disapointing but so is the "copmmunity" picking on the moderator rather than being proactive and reviving more interesting conversations.


I was one of the newbies at MNSpeak who you probably would describe as argumentative and/or boring.

I want to thank you for taking the lead and telling the Bartels what was what. I didn't know Rex or any of you who got the thing spinning in the first place, but I was around during the Rex days, and I now understand that the new kid has no interest in maintaining what y'all had.

Since I am far from a hipster, and I live on the wrong side of the river, I will probably never get plugged in to the new site that eventually causes MNSpeak to die, but I want to thank you and your friends for creating a cool environment for dorks like me to enjoy.


Edsroomers think we're cool? Honey, we're on Ed's Room because we're the exact opposite of cool. If we were cool, we'd being on MNSpeak bitching about the etymology of the word "hipster" and its use as a pejorative. We're a bunch of dorks, and we're okay with that.

Alexis, what comment did Tom censor?


Welcome back, Alexis.

There was something messed up about GirlFriday in the aggregator. It looks like all the TypePad blogs changed from Atom feeds to rdf. Should be fixed now.

Aaron Landry

Alexis, what comment did Tom censor?

It was apparently a link in her comment to a recipe for meth. There was allegedly a conversation between her and Tom Bartel before/while it was removed to let her know why it was taken off the site... it's not exactly censorship and there were editorial reasons apparently for the change but I side with Alexis' side of this debate.



Alexis: I'm saddened that you've decided to stop contributing. I hope you'll reconsider after some time has passed (I was hoping sunny Cancun would brighten your outlook!). While I don't like removing comments (as I said in the thread, I prefer to let the community react), the removal of your post stimulated a good discussion about how MNSpeak operates. It led to discussion of disclosure when the editors make a change.

If you like the idea of the site, if you enjoyed posting and commenting there before, why not come back? You were part of what made the site entertaining -- and it exposed a lot of us to you and Girlfriday. Just pop in once in awhile and share some snark.


Oops, sorry. Everyone keeps asking how my comment was censored. It's the 5:05pm comment in the Best of the Twin Cities thread. We're discussing the City Pages' choice to name "Crystal Meth" as the Best Cheap Thrill of 2006. My original comment:

Doesn't making meth seem really labor-intensive?
Submitted by »»» alexis at 5:05 PM on April 26

It's about halfway down. If you haven't seen it (and you care), check out the comments that follow.

Andrea Myers


You rock. I have (sadly) also stopped posting on MNSpeak, and don't check it nearly as often as I used to. I agree with you that the entire climate has changed quite a bit, and though it is the community's responsibility to contribute meaningful comments, it doesn't exactly make a person want to be involved if their comments are most likely going to be edited or attacked by people who argue with each other for the sake of arguing.

I also found the personal attacks against Taylor and Marsh infuriating.


Not only does it seem labor-intensive, it's hard to look at the list of ingredients and believe that people will actually PUT THAT IN THEIR BODY.

Then again, I've always been more of one for the downers.


Andrea, but the personal attacks against the Bartels by Marsh and Taylor, those were ok, right?

Matthew H

I enjoy Alexis's site. Was surprised by this whole MNspeak hullabaloo. A lot of wasted energy. Get of it people and move onto more important things, like, food, shelter, human rights and where I can get sit outside and get a cold beer.


Matthew H: thanks for reading. I promise I won't blog about this anymore.

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