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Thanks for the birthday greeting and video -- you're a lovely daughter! I am, though, concerned about your reckless consumption of alcohol. Of course, I had to click Justyn's link. This was all too much before my first cup of coffee!


And you wonder where your nickname came from.

Debbie Downer on Wikipedia

The First Debbie Downer Sketch


Tomorrow on GF, "What MOM doesn't know, won't hurt her" :)


word on Fhima...that guy is a scam artist...unbelievable that:
A) people still invest with him
B) the media went so easy on him

I can't remember if it was in print or on TV, but I recall him being asked about the proliferation of fine dining & award-winning chef's coming to the Twin Cities and his response was, "I don't need any awards to know that I am the best chef in the Twin Cities"...
Arrogance without talent to back it up will only take you so far.


Hey, Happy Birthday MomFriday.


Kinda silly to be blaming the Southdale mall, when the other big restaurants there (P.F. Chang's, the Cheesecake Factory, etc.) have people packed to the rafters on a regular basis.

The high-buck restaurants over in the Eden Prairie mall seem to be doing just fine, too.

Maybe people *do* want fine dining in a mall... they just weren't getting it from him.


I'm no expert on the subject, but I question the label of "fine dining" for Louis XIII. I count 8 sandwiches and burgers, as well as 4 pizzas on the menu. Not really what comes to mind.


Yes, Happy Birthday MomFriday! Thanks for procreating, Alexis is a lovely lady.


Rich, I think Fhima's biggest problem, financials aside, is that the majority folks in the market value modesty over just about everything else. Having grown up in land of bombast & conspicuous consumption (and having an affinity for both, particularly the former), I am absolutely stunned by the lack of both in this area. Fhima was the nail that stuck up, and now he's getting pounded down.

To wit, there are several chefs who push the envelope & the dining scene here, but they do it in a less bombastic more "Minnesota Nice" manner. Take Seth Bixby-Daugherty as an example. He constantly pimps local dining in Food & Wine Magazine, runs a national charity organization which helps undernourished children, has been on the Today show 2x promoting his restaurant, pushes for improved school lunches in his home district and several others. And he manages to not come across as an arrogant prick (which he certainly is not) while doing it...oh, and he can cook circles around any other chef I have ever worked with.

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