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> when I return from Enterprise

Whoa, I thought for a minute there you had decided to go be an extra on one of those extracanonical Star Trek shows after all.


I have never lived in Minnesota but may be moving there in the next yaar. The few people I do know in the twin cities have all lived in Omaha though. Weird!


Your facts about Omaha reminds me of an interesting trend I stumbled upon a few years ago.

One of my favorite "facts" that I always hear from people in many other cities all over the country is:

"Did you know we have the second-largest gay community in America, per capita, after San Francisco?"

Cincinnati, Omaha, Joplin, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Atlanta, Dallas, Indianapolis, etc. I could list cities all day of people who come from those places and swear that it's the truth about their city. Wherever you are from, you might have heard it about your town, too.

I was intrigued by this odd urban legend, so I googled around. Turns out that census data on gay people is not terribly reliable, but according to the best info I could find, not only is it *not* true of any of the cities I just listed, but it is also not true that San Francisco is number one.

The gayest city in America, per capita, appears to be Miami Beach, Florida.

I think the reason this myth resonates with so many people is because everybody wants their city to be an extraordinarily gay city. Even the most homophobic prudes want it to be true, because gay culture = vibrant entertainment and art scenes in the minds of most people. You can't be a Great Theater City if you don't have a lot of gays, and everybody "knows" that San Francisco leads the pack, so it's comforting to think of your town as a close second.

Anyway, that's my best guess about what's going on here.

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