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Sweet mother of Jesus and all the blessed saints, do I ever need that.


I'd get one, but then no one ever hear from me ever again.


Usually if I'm that drunk, fumbling with my phone is the last thing on my mind. Some of my buddies are notorious drunk dialers though. One accidentally called an aunt who had the same first name as the girl he was dating and said highly inappropriate things to poor aunty. Another arrived at work the following Monday to find that he had called his own work voicemail for some reason. The message was something the lines of "I'm so drunk! I don't know where I am. HELP MEEEEeeee!"


One of my co-workers has a portable breathalyzer. Not only is it nice to have for safety reasons, it is the ultimate party gadget. Great icebreaker...there's no better way to find out about a stranger's demeanor than to ask them to blow into your gadget.


I don't think it's from a cell phone but who knows. Some poor unfortunate fellow from Missouri calls my work number a few times a year and leaves a drunken voice mail about how he understands why I had to leave and tell the kids he says hello. I'm assuming he's looking for an ex and I'm definitely her!


Ah ha ha. What about drunk blogging, though -- who'll stop that?


Progress always comes too late.


You thought I was kidding about the drunk blogging:


can i get one of these for blog posting?

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