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That's easy - Heartbreaker. Like you might warn your buddy to be careful with this or that woman because "she's a real heartbreaker."


Ooh, that's much better than "maneater", which no one can even think without getting that stupid Hall and Oates song stuck in their head.

We're looking for something a little more gender specific. So far "boycrazy" is the only term that's surfaced, but it's too... soft.

Matthew H

Hmmm, how about "serial dater" or "recreational relationist"





Matthew H

Emotional assassin, desirable woman, aggressive woman, pollastra (Italian; young woman considered as an object of sexual desire), filly....




Not sure what it's called, but I'm not above being victimized.


Flirt, vamp, coquette, enchantress, siren.

Less positive, but still pretty much fits the bill: Wench, hussy, femme fatale, seductress, temptress.

I like minx, though.


I'm waiting to hear what MOM says.




This is interesting. I've recently been forwarding a thesis that being a trollop is being reevaluated into acceptance. My evidence? "Promiscuous Girl" and "Dont'chya" -- the two it's-okay-to-be-a-strumpet pop singles of the moment. Seriously, girls who stole other girls boyfriends used to be the lowest form of slime, but now they can suddenly shake their ass and whisper "Dont'chya wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"

Where's Maureen Dowd when you need her?


I have wanted to take back the word "womanize" for quite some time. The definition is all wrong -- you would think "to womanize" would be a good thing. Why no "manizing?"


I like to go with "healthy." I'm 35, I'm going through a severe Mrs. Robinson phase, and I'm so, so okay with that. Screw the patriarchy! Perhaps, literally.


Femme fatale.


I like "predatory singletarian." But it's not very gender-specific.

Adam McFarlane

I second Rex's comments. Read Ariel Levy's book, Female Chauvanist Pigs. No term is derogatory if women abdicate their own dignity.


Labels for "types" of people suck. I prefer to not use them. If you want to date and/or sleep with a lot of people, you don't need to be called anything. You are who you are.

And I never thought I'd ever hear anybody ask "where's Maureen Dowd when you need her?"


Okay, Taylor, the first word that came to mind was "ballbuster."


While labels for types of people have their obvious limitations, they do serve as useful shorthand in many instances. As for "ballbuster," or "ballbreaker," I say no way. Those terms more often describe a demanding or annnoying person, thing or situation, and not a woman that eats, chews and spits out alot of men romantically speaking. Though I suppose a "heartbreaker" or "man-izer" could be a ballbreaker as well, I don't think they're interchangeable. Dig? Oh yeah, I love Maureen Dowd, but dating her would definitely call for an appropriate degree caution, just like all the best women. But the issue I am more concerned with is whether Girl Friday is a heartbreaker.


Chorus to "Heartbreaker":

You're a heartbreaker, dreammaker,
Love-taker, don't you mess around with me
You're a heartbreaker, dreammaker,
Love-taker, don't you mess around, no no no

Is that Lux? Nah, she's more nibble than bite.

Anyway, I should clarify my Maureen Dowd remark: I ain't no fan of her most recent tome (Mo, baby, you just send all those supposedly jilted hottie Harvard MBA types my way, 'kay?), but I am fascinated by this balance within feminism. Random historical fact that I've recently been considering: the first wave of feminists (Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Elizabeth Cady Standon, etc.) wore lipstick during the suffrage movement as a sign of emancipation from the rule of men. Of course, the second-wavers wanted to destroy all that frilly stuff, only to be re-appropriated by the third-wavers.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, I say "trollop." I sorta love that word.


I agree, Mo' Dowd's latest book was pretty thin judging from the excerpt I read and the poor reviews, but I think she's smart, cool and sexy, and, yeah, I would like to meet her friends, too. As for the feminists, wasn't the whole movement supposed to be about choice and freedom from orthodoxy, however imposed, be it in dress, life-choices, lifestyles, etc.?

I do like "trollop," especially when it appears in a Gershwin or Cole Porter tune, but I also like "vixen."


"Womanizer" and "ladykiller" aren't male sluts or dirty bad boys. The terms, to me, just mean men who are dead sexy and know it and work it. Therefore, I really think "minx" is the most appropriate female equivalent here. "Trollop" means prostitute; it doesn't quite fit.

Minx all the way.

Brandon waldo

I dated a girl just like this and she doesnt evwn realize it. Its really quite sad. I was warned about dating her but i ignored it due to the fact that she said she would change. She is too good. She will never be happy. She is a player and always will be i guess


I'm a player and I really enjoy it. I like minx. Its fun to be able to do this to men. I do it because I lost someone I loved very dearly. I also do it because men did it to me in the past. Also because my mom and dad dont like me... and my sister is perfect. I still long for my Bruce Willis to come along one day... Just to get into the phycology of it.

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