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Nice. I like your playlist. "How Many Licks" is the ring when my friend Sarah calls me, and "I Got A Man" rules for so many reasons, but especially the following exchange after the entire song is his instance:

Well I'm clean cut and dapper, that's what I'm about.
My Man buys me things, and he takes me out.
Well, you can keep your man, cuz I don't go that route.


We're like sisters, you and me.


Maybe I'm living in your bizzarro world... or you in mine. I'll be leaving Omaha for Minneapolis in a couple of weeks in my Stratus. If I got a recall letter, I must have sent it straight to the shredder, mistaking it for a bill. HA! So methinks I'll be calling to find out if I need to pay the dealer a visit before my road trip. Have fun when you come play in the big o.


That's awesome. Have fun in Minneapolis!

The recall is for the 99 and 00 Stratus.


I have an '01. Phew. lol

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