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What was the final score? I wonder how the level of competition compares in your division vs. my team's. The Muskies are only 4-4 in Tuesday Bryn Mawr, although we've lost two games by 11-10, and I declined a forfeit by the first-place team last week (then we lost). It's not our year, I guess.


Final score of this game was 2-1, Shockers. Their catcher was done playing after the collision, and they didn't have another girl to finish out the inning.

I feel the need to point out that Roadrunner had no other choice than to take down the opponent's catcher for that winning run. She was standing square on top of home plate and he was being chased down by the ball. Also, I watched the whole thing in slow motion; there were no elbows or shoulders thrown. He wrapped his arms around her upon impact, shielding her from the fall as they went down. Her head just happened to hit the ground kinda hard.


I'm not surprised. It's a common beginner's mistake to block the plate when you don't even have the ball. That's defensive interference, and all you can really do is run them over.

One time the Muskies broomball team actually won a game by accidentally slicing a girl's neck with one of our brooms, and the team had to forfeit without her.


8:30 what day?


When you kick another team's ass in a game, do you ever gloat and tell the them that they now have Toxic Shock Syndrome? Man I hope so.


433: Whoops, sorry. Games are on Thursdays. Fixed.

Nick: You know... I don't think we've thought of that one yet. We're kind of a bunch of lushes, though, so we can be a bit slow.

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