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sammy vegies jr

have you tried cecil's in highland or acme in mac/groveland?


so? how tall is he?


SVJ: Work (and just life in general) doesn't take me to St. Paul much, but I'll be on the lookout.

Eddie: 5'10". Just made it.


Be still my heart! Gardening is NOT "...such absolute hell on earth..."


Oh, I have three words for you, Mother: Child. Labor. Laws.


I used to live in NE and frequented Urban Harvest. Now I get there less often. Hubby and I went this weekend and it was exactly as I remembered it. Exactly. Nothing changed. I think they could do with some revamping of the menu, particularly in the salad area. Can't they think of anything besides Cesar and Greek? What about that cherry chicken pasta? It has been on the menu since their first day. Here's an easy idea - offer breads and spreads.


Well, whatever they're doing is working for them, and it's working for their customers, so they're not likely to change much. For all we know, they're keeping their heads just above water, which makes change a risky thing.

Matthew H

My kingdom for a sandwiche! On a low carb thing right now and bread is "right out".


BOO! Self-torture is a horrible way to try and lose weight. Then again, I guess people also go to the gym, which is my little hell on earth.

Matthew H

Not torture, just moderation. Allows for beer :)

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