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ahh...food. a few things about your post:
1) Bar Abilene...is it me or does this place just plain suck? If you want a large tequila selection, shitty service with an attitude, and dry & bland Tex Mex in a prime uptown location then this is certainly the place for you. I'll cut them a little slack only because they did have the sense to make "Bar" the first & foremost portion of their name.

2) I've never darkened the doorway of the Independent, but I can be certain that it's not long for this world...I base this on your quote, "The hospitality industry seems to account for more than 80% of their business". That can only mean one thing...the staff is giving the house away. Every bartender on earth knows that there's a secret barter system and that one hand washes the other & the establishments lose when they let it happen.

Sarah Buckley

Oh Geoff you are so right... the greatest summer of my life: I got a job as the beer tapping girl at Wisconsin State Fair, God bless Wisconsin, at the ripe old age of 18 everyone of my friend can tell a story of the summer of beer.

Now about food...
what's with all the uptown Alexis? Have you forgotten your roots?
My Favorite the peacock lounge... can you say nachos? Black bean topped perfection.

I am not a Suzy's fan but I can not argue with those cheese curds!!! I already said I was from Wisconsin.


Sarah...I haven't forgotten about you. We were back in Detroit last month and I went back to my old hairdresser for my last cut. I'm due again in a couple of weeks.


Sarah: My only beef with The Peacock is that they're closing down the kitchen every time I walk in, and you can't even get a salad. I mean, come on; just a few small plates for the bar-dwellers of the world? That isn't too much to ask, is it? And I can't stand Psycho Suzi's. Nice idea, nice patio, nice people, but I'm the kind of girl who likes to sit at the bar and socialize with a bunch of people, or at least grab a high table. But the bar is too tiny, and they don't even have high tables.

Geoff: Bar Abilene is what it is, you're right. I go there every time I'm craving the Skillet Appetizer Thingy, but the other 2 vegetarian options don't even come close, and I don't drink margaritas. And the barter system isn't just for those that work in the business; my friends and I generally tip in the 50% range for a reason.


So true...forgot to mention that attractive and/or loose women also benefit from the barter system. We still haven't met, but I presume that you fit one or more of those descriptions.

sarah Buckley

Oh yeah she is loose.


Wait a minute, Sarah -- Mom is reading this!!!

Sarah Buckley

No really Mom she is loose both in attitude and body. Wait it got worse... I mean she is cool and can kick high.


That last post leads me to belive that MOM is just one of Alexis' pseudonyms. I mean, whose mother refers to themselves in the 3rd person? Has anyone seen the 2 of them in the same place @ the same time and mentioned the blog?


While MOM and Alexis do bear a striking resemblance, I can vouch for them both being, in fact, separate people, having seen them together.

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