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Yeah! I'm *special, dammit! And not "short bus" special, either!


Does IM count as talking to people?


I think we need some new words. How do you describe a person you "know" from the online world? The word "friend" doesn't seem exactly right...

Nor does the word "know."

And no one should use their online handles in person. Disturbing.


I've had people ask me if I'm "the only ashby you know" before, which is a touch unnerving. God help us if myspace becomes the most prominent part of our identities. You know, besides the drinking and public obscenity.


In certain situations, I've introduced you as "Girl Friday," which I never realized caused consternation.


I think if you've only interacted with someone online, you should just say that. "I only know him via email" or "we chat on IM but I've never met him."

I've had people ask me if I'm "alexisthegirl" or directly address me as "Girl Friday". I guess I'd prefer to be introduced as "Alexis a/k/a Girl Friday" or "Alexis, her blog is Girl Friday", or even "Alexis, she's Girl Friday". Just as long as we get my actual name in there.


When you actually end up meeting someone, the online alias as got to get in there somewhere though so you know who the heck they are. As in "I'm jane doe and you know me as main_jane on IM" or something like that. But once you know someone, then going by the alias is a little odd.

My first foray into this was being on a local bbs back in '91. At our first party (and several thereafter) I was constantly called "Avalon" by the board sysop. He called everyone by their board names. It was just easier for him, I guess. It was kind of funny since one girl's alias was... "God".


my favorite is when people come up to me and say "Hi, I'm so-and-so from the internet"

oh, you're *from* the internet? tell me more...


I wonder if I can get my last name changed to "Sobackthefuckoffmebitch" or something similar. That feels like it would be a much more memorable introduction. And a fantastic conversation starter.

Hi, I'm Ashby Howaboutyoubuymeadrink. It's nice to meet you.

Matthew H

If we said "I communicated with so-and-so today" we would sound like a bad line from Star Trek....but then Alex, you would like that.

I have been away from your page a while. Now I am trying to catch up and I am now exhuasted....

Beer please...


hmm... i'm pretty sure i said "I'm Kyle, solace from morecowbell/mnspeak" at the Lucero show, but i apologize if not ;)

i'm with you though, i don't really like using online aliases in person if i can avoid it at all cost.

when i meet people, they're like "oh hey, you're that 'saul-ass' guy? cool!"


What does Taylor think?


I think that you're awesome, Deb!

PS. Let me know if Alexis ever gets Al those books I wanted to give him.

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