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Wow! I really couldn't have rounded up all that for anyone. That is a really good outline for a day or two in MPLS.


Even if doesn't go anywhere near the vaunted Nordeast.


Right on Bexley!! I second that!!

Brian Pitera

Awesome post with terrific recommendations. Thanks for the reminder: I've been meaning to check out Foundation and I think I'm gonna go to that thing on August 12th featuring Om Records (love the label and Marques Wyatt is an awesome DJ).


NE is not so good sans car.

And: when you get to the Bulldog, you must must eat the hamburger with green-olive-cream-cheese.


Damn, kickass compilation girl. I'm forwarding this post to all my law school friends who wouldn't *deign* themselves to visit the "frozen tundra". Take that, Cleveland!


Victoria is right; NE is better when you have a car. Plus, we don't have a plethora of fine dining up here. And remember, Christine is moving to Minneapolis in January, so she'll find The Vegas Lounge, Spring Street Tavern, Northeast Yacht Club, Peacock Lounge, and Grumpy's all on her own.

She'll also find Azia, and I'll probably be sitting at the bar when she does.


Makes me want to come to Mpls. for the weekend!! Did you check out the Diane Arbus exhibit yet?


Excellent summary for the short-term guest, but don't forget St. Paul! (sob!)

I had to say that.

But, to fit with the 24-hours in Minneapolis schedule, don't forget a possible dinner at Levain, on 48th and Chicago, for high-end American cuisine every bit as good and inventive as La Belle Vie, and dare I say a bit more bang for the buck. Or, to stay downtown, Vincent: A Restaurant for an authentic French meal that won't completely empty the wallet.


Levain is good, but just not worth the cab fare and travel time within the 24 hour restriction, as there's not exactly much to do down there before or after dinner. She'll find it eventually, once she becomes a resident.

Vincent A Restaurant is another decent choice for dinner, but it's not a WOW place, you know? My mark of a great restaurant is if I walk out and go, "WOW. I could do that every night." Maybe different for the steak and fish-eating population, but I've never had that there.


Does the WOW test apply to dates? As in "That was fun...WOW. I could do that every night."


Girl Friday, if you ever decide to cross that line into the carnivore land, Vincent's duck confit concoctions are definitely WOW. I'll buy.

Kinda nice to scroll through all this. Reminds us TC residents what we've got. Don't take no back seats to nobody!


All wonderful recommendations. Lived in Minneapolis for 9 years then moved back to NYC. My favorite Jack Daniels type of bar in Mpls is the CC Club on Lyndale. Not the place to order a Caipirinha, but a great mix of people there.

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