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They were rocktastic.


Your video got a mention on 89.3 this afternoon, as Steve Seal talked remorsefully about missing their appearance he noted that he was only able to find YouTube video of people watching the performance at the Hex, as opposed to the actual performance itself. Nice.


Ha, funny.

Tapes 'N Tapes did a great job on Letterman, and The Hexagon crowd was more enjoyable last night than most in recent memory, but I have to say that the best thing on that video is Janelle screeching, "shut yer cakehole!"

Also, I shot a little bit more (the reaction from the bar crowd after the set), but Janelle said something that needed to be edited out completely, so I couldn't include the rest.


Yee haw for T.V. and the Hexagon eh?! I don't remember screeching shut yer cakehole. Are you sure I did that? You will have to tell me what I said that had to be edited from the video. I am intrigued...It must have been racy. Wooh wooh!


After a long delay, here's the video as tv people saw it:



check out erik in this... :D



Well, that deserves its own post.

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