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I've got a whole freakin ocean outside my window. That count?



What exactly are you holding in your hand in that pic? Forget it, I don't wanna know.


Rexie: are you flying us out?

Paul: that's a Bud Light and you know it, mister!


I like Paulaner enough that I'm tempted to install a pool in my yard, just to take that offer.


This is a brilliant idea, I must admit. Quite genius; I couldn't have planned it better myself:)
The truth is that I do need to get some summer tan ASAP, so I encourage people to hurry up with the offers.

As a sign of gratitude for this amazing post- I give you Alexis Colby Carrington quote of the day:

Alexis to Blake: Take this junk and your blonde tramp and get out of my house!

This is sooo Dynasty!!


Is that a full glass of Amaretto that Janelle has there? Hmmmmmmm!

Matthew H

I have a pool...it's 6 feet in diameter...usually used by a dog named Casey...he does not like beer...that I know of.



Dang gum it. I just have a really big ass lake in Canada. It's a bit of a drive, but there's good booze and a windsurfer.

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