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Yes, totally counts as celeb sighting.


I think I saw him too. Not on that day. He had a bit of a paunch and was short. Is that the guy?


I think it's up there w/ running into DeRusha.


Maybe he was walking home...He and I live in the same building downtown. And maybe he had to pee - which could explain the heightened velocity.


Running into DeRusha is a thrill for mentally ill people throughout the Twin Cities.


I've seen him struggling to get his key into the elvator of a certain minneapolis hotel on more than one occasion.


You're such a troublemaker, Geoff.

Matthew H

Your only a celebrity if your doing something...or funny, consistantly. Oh, he has a radio show right? Pulls about a .25 share?


Eh, "Matthew H", more people listen to him than listen to you, so he's got that going for him.

Matthew H

I certainly hope so....that ain't saying much :)-

Matthew H

Geesh, how did that happen. Sorry folks


I can fix that.

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