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No! Say it isn't so!


We need places like Aardvark!


So, you didn’t like Snakes on a Plane either? I was really excited to see that movie and maybe that is why I was so disappointed: I just expected too much. I mean, I really like Sam Jackson and I wanted to see more “Pulp Fiction” type of swearing and more guns( of course), but that didn’t happen. I liked Captain Rick though; I thought he was the best part of that movie and here’s a quote to prove it: “this plane will go down faster than a Thai hooker”! Haaaa!

Matthew H

Sad about Aardvark. I would hate to see a day where bands can only make appearances or CD releases at Best Buy or Target. Another example of our culture being diluted. Like it or not, the world of MP3's is not a good thing for places like Aardvark, Electric Fetus, Letitbe, Treehouse, Hymie's and alike. Hopefully, audiophiles and folks of a "retro" appreciation mindset will keep some of these treasures alive.


It's so sad about Aardvark, but I'm not surprised. I stop by there sometimes because it's in my neighborhood, but it often seems like a very lonely place. I hope for the best for Vince. He always seems like a nice guy when I go in there.

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