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Sarah Buckley

Is that a pocket flask of southern comfort??? It would explain the spill...


LynLake is unsafe...sword wielding burglars, flamenco dancers and pizza-eating bluegrass hippies are overrunning the whole area.


I did?? Could it have happened when I HELPING YOU carry that giant bucket of melted ice/ spilled wine?

I'm hoping Deb weighs in on this one.

Aaron Landry

I'll probably run into you on Saturday; I'll avoid spilling on you or I might be your next blog victim even though I think it'd be funny for you to make out with my dad.


GAG indeed on the Enterprise theme. I Tivo'd it when it was originally airing and could...not...stomach that damned song. Ba-doop ba-doop ba-doop. Gone. My brother and I were big TNG fans growing up (though he would never admit it). Never missed an ep. I also enjoyed the later seasons of Voyager. Yes, it was the addition of Seven of Nine that got me watching. Jeri Ryan in a catsuit and me, a man with eyes in my head. 'Nuff said.


You should stop by 7th St. Entry after the Pizza Luce deal... And bring Taylor. Trust me, it will rock (unlike Cloud Coult). He he


Things break, and treasured items sometimes get spilled on. Getting too attached to material objects is not healthy.

Revenge is a mistake, though. Instead, shame him into buying you another pair just like 'em, and move on with your life. That way, he is able to get back in your good graces without suffering, and you get your stuff replaced. Win-win. Cut off his toe, and not only does it cost you a friend, but all you end up with is a toe. Why would you want that? Toes are rarely cute, and never are when they are detached.

They are extremely cute shoes. He definitely owes you cuteness over this. Put the pressure on. If he's any kind of man, he will personally take you shopping for them, and maybe try to help you find a matching bag.


Hey Alexis - equal parts of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide get red wine out of ANYTHING. Even if it's been sitting for several days. But Taylor must still be punished.


Must have been a slow news/event day!! But, they are the CUTEST shoes...Taylor, you don't remember spilling the wine? I can barely comment on the dad thing...eeeewwwww! I'd opt for Leigha's cleaning solution and forgive Taylor!

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