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And although "collective" has become a synonym for "20%", I'm still way into the brownie points being dished.


Alexis, great stuff! No offense to your fanclub STNNNG, but the Alarmists should still be your favorite band ;)


ooooooooohhhh....tell me more about Mr. Daley and Mr.Davis's performance....


That's a great shot!! My current favorite photo is the catch Castillo made last night in Chicago -- sorry, this has nothing to do with Lexi's blog, I woke up still excited from last night's ballgame!


Alexis' mom is a baseball fan, too. I think I'm in love ;)


Ix-nay on the exi-lay, eh, Mom? It's bad enough my tab gets punched into the register at Azia under "Yexi".

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