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"Drinking Liverally"

Hilarious typo.


Write in and demand a retraction.


Imagine my surprise when I saw that photo (we got the mag up here). I thought, "ANOTHER thing Lex didn't tell me about!" I, too, thought typo was hilarious.


Oops! I can fix that.


It is a nice picture, though. So there's that.


Gawd, Taylor's hot from the back.

(Three of my favorite people in one random photo? Too weird.)


oh, Alexis, this is too funny. Let's just kill whoever took this photo....Seriously, I haven't even read the magazine and I already dislike it with passion. "Smart, stylish and filled with compelling stories, METRO matches the energy and enthusiasm of the area's sophisticates who demand more from life in the Twin Cities." Please! I was at their launch party at the Visage two weeks ago and wasn't impressed at all with their affiliates or the "potential readership" who showed up that night. With few honorable exceptions (including the lovely lady who got me in), the place was filled with posers. Models too. yeah, maybe that's why I hated it so much:)

Anyway, the truth is that you really look good in the photo:)


Yes, they only published the photo because you're beautiful. But what if the bar was known for its "Mormons Into Polygamy" nights? Then you'd really have some explaining to do.


Well then I'd just say I was there with my two husbands.


Actually, in the photo, it looks you're kind of leaning to the right.

Have the police be warned not to arrest the latest incarnation of zombies?


I don't think the 2nd precinct will be able to take down this crowd.


Toxic Shockers are my security 24/7.

oh, and don't believe Alexis -- we're having a detailed strategic meeting about the September 12 primary. mwahahahaha!

Matthew H

It actually looks like you are learing at someone. Maybe a hot bartender or a rival kickball foe. Being new to Nordeast, i can never remember the name of that place. I just call it the "Yellow Bar"....


METRO. What a waste. Is there anything in that rag that we (or I guess I should say "I"), as their target demographic (35 to 49-ish) didn't already know about by scanning one of the daily papers? I mean really. WOW. The Dakota is a nice place to eat and hear music. ShOcKiNg. And Mason Jennings as cover boy? I'm a big fan, but even the piddly Pulse had him on the cover a couple months ago.


You're right, I'm not really looking at Taylor in the picture. Perhaps I'm keeping a close eye on the door to Sassy Lu across the street, hoping Sarah will emerge so she can come rock it with The Shockers.

Sarah Buckley

always happy to rock it with the shockers but don't you know I take my secret tunnel to my booze haven the peacock.FYI sept. 12 SHELLAC at the varsity too!!! Looks like a big tuesday!

Sarah Buckley

Ok me again but glad to see the rasta head band made the pages of metro... yeah that's what cutting edge hipsters are wearing.... check it out!! Warning headbands are squeezy!


Piddly Pulse? Aw man. I wrote that piddly piece!


Why is everybody so excited about music on Saturday? I'm telling you, the show of the year is going down at the 400 Bar. Ross Brockley is a genius.


Sounds like a terrible bar. Are there really people who can't just enjoy drinking for the simple pleasure of it? When the second or third Jack Daniels is easing its way down your throat, who cares about freaking politics....But whatever...Cheers!


If I'm a hack news photographer, and my editor sends me to a local bar to take pictures of some "political" drinking group for a stupid puff piece, I'm making damn sure that the cutest girl in the bar is somehow in the shot.

Just sayin', is all.


Misleading caption notwithstanding, you look beautiful in that picture. Shortly after the picture was shot, I trust Rob Lowe and James Belushi walked in wearing their softball uniforms.

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