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This just in: STrib headline writers need to be taken out and shot.


Tom, while a dashing and deservingly successful restauranteur, is not my type. His barely legal flirtatious sisters that work @ Than Do are much more my speed.

Matthew H

The old Molly Quinn's has now been spray painted white. Kinda looks like a church. So, the Mahattan Bar is going in there? I agree with the comment on the Star Trombone's headline writers.


Hey! I'm sick, too!


Is that guy Thom Pham big and strong? He was in the news... apparently wrestled some guy to the ground and held him there until police showed up.

Cocoa Chanel

Thom is a total loser! He is totally broke and about to lose both Azia and his "bread and butter" Than-Do. The guy bounces payroll checks all day long, owes everyone and their mother countless amounts of cash for loans and has the IRS hot on his tail. Azia will shut it doors within months. By the way he got jumped in the alley by a bunch of thugs he owed money to. Not everything is as it seems. Author, my advice would be to get a check up from the doctor because Thom is a really dirty guy. PS- He is really, really gay

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