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2a. Find someone to supply you with Canadian or Mexican pop.

In 2003, when I visited Canada, I brought 48 cans of Canadian Coke back home with me. Those 48 cans were 90% of the pop I drank over the next two months. I didn't change anything else about my diet or "exercise" routine, and I lost 10 pounds. Within a month after returning to my regular drinks, I gained it all back.

It's the real sugar instead of corn syrup. Corn syrup binds to you quite a bit more than sugar does.


I completely agree about using old-fashioned sugar in pop, some things are just better using old recipes -- this high fructose corn syrup has turned out to be a real disaster.


Interesting. I hate regular Coke, but I'll check the mercados for other options.

Miguel Sanchez

Ummm... that's anecdotal evidence. It doesn't support a theory that high-fructose corn syrup is more fattening and that it binds to you. It's not how your digestive system works.
First of all, enjoy the kind of beer you like, but, say, enjoy only half of it.
Low carb beer is a joke. There are 4 Calories per gram of carbohydrate, and there are 7 Calories per gram of alcohol. Drinking a low carb beer cuts very few calories, and alcohol always messes up your metabolism.
Secondly, eat the same amount of food you normally do in a day, but spread it out over the whole day. Think of your body's metabolism as a fire. If you want the fire to burn hotter and faster, think smaller logs (meals) and stoke it (feed) more often, as opposed to throwing a huge log onto some warm coals (feasting until your pants burst).
Lastly, you're a hottie anyway. I really don't think you need to lose weight.


I'm a good eater; during the aforementioned lunch, I had half a veggie sandwich and a cup of tomato soup. I tend to use the "fits in the palm of my hand" rule. Plus, I'm a vegetarian, which cuts out a sh*tload of fat, not to mention almost all fast food. And deep-fried stuff tends to make me sick, so I eat it only occasionally.

I think I just went from being fairly active (going to the gym three or more nights a week) to not active at all (f*ck the gym).

Thank you for the compliment.


I had the same problem, Alexis. After we had our son, my wife lost her pregnancy weight and then some (If breast-feeding is an option for you-- it's a surefire weight-loss technique!). I gained 10 pounds, because I never went to the gym. I hate working out, but I hate not fitting into my clothes more.


First of all - anytime you talk about needing to lose weight, I'm worried. I think you look the best you ever have right now. You don't need to lose weight; you need to buy new pants. Curves rock, and "curvy" does NOT have to mean "fat."

Second thing -- you will not put dead animal in your mouth, I totally understand. However, from a health aspect, regular soda is at least 150 per of absolutely no nutritional value. Diet Dew is probably the vilest stuff on earth. Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper, another story. It certainly takes some getting used to, but after you've been drinking diet for a while, the thought of drinking regular soda makes you gag.


1) Today is Seth Bixby-Daugherty's birthday...I believe he took a well deserved day off to go bass fishing. He has a superhuman ability to deal with stress...I should know, I cause 1/2 of it.

2) Josh is on the lean team? I mean, he does lean on the kitchen counter most afternoons, but it hardly makes him a diet expert. He was raised on fresh fish & pineapples & this midwestern food is getting to him.

3) Embrace your inner fat person. Elastic waist bands. Loose shirts. Chinese buffets.

4) Thanks for the advice Jason. I am going to try and breastfeed...just need to figure out who'll suck my dry nipples.

5) If you really want to lose the weight fast, try switching to Columbian coke.

Matthew H

1) If your a veggie, make sure you get a good amount of protein. 2) Walk more. 3) Drink plenty of water. Very simple, non-stressful or "fad-free" ways to lean up a little. Diet soda screws up the system. Metabolism enhancers also screw up your system as well and not worth the side affects.

Matthew H

Oh, and I don't know you personally, but I don't think you need to stress about this too much.


I suggest you dump the Dew but choose a diet cola, such as one of the new Diet Dr. Pepper flavors. Disclosure: My family is in the Pepsi racket, which is why I advocate Pepper over Coke, but it gives me more credibility when I tell you to drop Dew. Three words: "brominated vegetable oil." Look it up. It wreaks havoc with your metabolism and is banned in most countries. I believe quitting Dew this year was a factor in my famous 25-lb. weightloss. That, and the new "Tuned Up Taste" (actually a switch to sucralose, which ought to please us fructose haters) is awful.

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