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How does it feel to be THE trusted source for information about waxing? Just wondering.

Mr. Delicious

An appt with Jessie May might be the most highly coveted 15 minutes in the state. The woman is a genius, and she also waxes my wife which is how I got my butt in the door. JM's client list is rumored to be a relative who's who of Twin City culturati royalty. Oh to be a fly on that wall when Girl Friday is in full effect at H Design? Why are most men afraid of the wax? Who knows. If a man gets a full deforestation treatment is it still called a Brazilian? Could we call it a Mr Magoo since once it's done everything looks bigger?


Jesus, AZ. I got your comment on the Blackberry while I was driving and nearly had to pull over because I was laughing so hard.

Mr. Delicious

Whoopsie...don't know my own powers...plz do not bberry and drive Young Skywalker, you're not on Tatooine any longer!


Distracting Alexis is like shooting Storm Troopers in a Death Star.


Paul's so clever with the metaphors.


You should see my new idea for a threadless t-shirt. Anakin and Luke with their cyborg hands and the title "Perfect Strangers".


I have the utter privilege of working with J-May at H Design. She is fabulous with brows and is just a lovely gal inside and out. I wanted to second the motion to see Alycia for a Brazilian. She has a real knack for quick and COMPLETE hair removal...

Justine Cricks

I prefer Brazilian bikini waxing. I'm used to it now so it's quite okay for me. There is a painless hair removal alternative, just ask your dermatologist. It's really pain free and the price is quite reasonable. Just don't mistake Brazilian bikini wax for Brazilian jujitsu, hahaha.

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