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I really like that song Words... honestly. I remember hearing it at work, and thinking "I love this song! What is it... suck x 13?"

my .02


Metal? You're a funny one, Alexa.


Bexley, your favorite band credits costumes over music for their success. I'm not listening to a thing you have to say about metal.


To play the role of devil's advocate, GWAR is listed as "thrash metal" on that Wikipedia article...


Whatever. Scumdogs was a glorious masterpiece of metal.

But taking out costumed silliness- Slayer would eat those little nu-metal jerks for breakfast, and then crap out more metal than the Deftones could ever hope to create on their own.


I retract my previous nu-metal comment, having listened to more of them. At best, I'd say some sort of emo-hard-rock.

Perfect Porridge

Deftones rock! New album coming out October 31. Stream the new single, "Hole in the Earth" here: REAL, WIN


Yeah, you know what's up.

7 Words is a great song, too. You get to hear 4 of Chino's many vocal stylings in that one (singing, screaming, rapping, and SCREAMING).

Other Chino sounds include, but I doubt are limited to panting, whispering, growling, and crooning.


They always seemed more punk than metal to me, but maybe I'm crazy.

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