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Matthew H

My wonderful girfriend and I had our first date there almost two years ago (previous owners) and we try and hit it from time to time. Very nice people there and love the breakfasts. Also great its blocks from where we live. Thanks for the grand opening info!!!

Sarah Buckley

I know we have been loving that place...we have only been for brunch. The mimosa threw me in to a daylight drunk what a start to a fun day.
What is with people and the complaints about slow service... come on slow down chew your food and enjoy your company. People are way to rushy I enjoy slow service unless I am waiting for a drink.


There's nothing great about slow service when you're hungry.




I may just have to check it out.


excellent... i'll have to (re)check that out too.
with my "wonderful girlfriend."


The night I ran into you there, the food was really good. I'll definitely work my way back there.

By the way, you're semi-evil in the new Chasing Windmills episode. Dig it.


Thanks. It's not easy to reach my inner-bitch, but I try my best.


Did you go to the fundraiser a few weeks ago? Sad that they needed that, but it was successful. I hope they get things worked out; they certainly deserve it.

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