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Guilty of the same charge, here.

I also lettered in running, so I was one of those kids who wore the Band letter award on the sleeve.

Matthew H

"...and this one time...in Band Camp?"


I don't know who Matthew H. is, but he beat me to the punch, and you know how much I hate when that happens.

I quit band in 5th grade. However, not only did I letter in baseball and quiz bowl, I captained both teams. Not sure what that says about me.


I lettered in Speech Team. And Theater. Waaaay dorkier.


It's funny that I didn't know this -- what did you play? (I'm gonna guess: the flute!)

You couldn't letter in band in my high school, so my years of sax playing were for nothing.


I lettered in Knowledge Bowl and cheerleading.

I was a diverse individual, eager to demolish all stereotypes.


I'm sensing something in the woodwinds...


My wife used to play the flute. That was before we got married. Hey now!


Alexis was a trumpet player...



And with that, she gets one notch sexier for playing a brass instrument!

Don't ask me to explain the rules, I merely enforce them.


I love a woman who can play the tuba.

Matthew H

Sorry Geoff...I will materialize someday and buy ya'll a beer.


It's true, I played the trumpet until 9th grade. I don't think that's what I lettered for, though, as I traded in my brass for a big white stick when I joined the flag line. You're still technically in Band, but you get to screw around a lot more and wear bright red lipstick.


As immature 16 year old boys, we referred to the kids in the flag line in band as "flaggots". I'm not proud, I'm just confessin'.


You know, for some strange reason my small town, white bread high school wasn't that bad. There were a couple of gay guys/fat kids/black kids/promiscuous girls, but no one really got picked on. I'm not ruling out the fact that maybe I just didn't notice it, but I think we were fairly lucky. Most of my friends had ex-hippie, former citydwelling parents (myself included), so acceptance was just the status quo.

The gay kids were all in Theater. They still got to wear makeup, but not sequined tops or headbands. They got to sing on stage, but not twirl a flag or baton in a synchronized routine. But there's no telling how our Band teacher wouldn've reacted had any of those boys expressed interest in joining the flag line.


"But there's no telling how our Band teacher wouldn've reacted had any of those boys expressed interest in joining the flag line."

My suburban band director would have found it to be fffffffabulous!

[insert boilerplate "not that there's anything wrong with that" disclaimer here]

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