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I figured you for Personal Shopper section vs. Dating advice. Umm...good writing though, and I would get total shivers having to go to BarFly.


See, it's that whole Scorpio female secret life thing. There's all kinds of stuff about me you'd never guess.


You are officially a big deal now. Nicely done. Do I get some credit for "discovering" you in my TV story from forever ago?


Scorpios like to think that about themselves.


And is it in your contract that they describe you as, "an attractive single woman"? That's genius.


It is a rare day indeed that I come across a piece of your writing that I didn't first hear about in your blog. Today just so happens to be one of those days, and I wasn't even looking for it. I suppose you could thank Reimenschneider.


congrats on the new gig!


Nice work! And you're welcome for the idea for your column.


Thanks for the kind words and support, all.

Jeremy... just glad I'm not in trouble with you for a certain line in the advice column.


Alexis rocks!


I'm very interested in checking out Barfly, but only because I used to work at the Skyway Theater, and I want to check out what they did with it.


I caught a tiny bit of Chowhounds. Wow, that dude worships the ground you walk on!

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