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I tried to hook you up with a question or two, I really did... but the truth is I have more shopping-related questions for you than sex-life questions, and that's not really the focus of your column.

Sorry I couldn't be more screwed up about my relationships for you. If I find myself on the verge of making a really stupid choice with my life, I'll be sure to drop you a note.


Rules for French Pressing:
1) The water should be just barely south of a boil
2) Don't grind it too fine
2) Dark Roasts (alternately labeled as French, Italian or espresso roasts) tend to work better...their essential oils are closer to the surface and thus require less extraction
3) Don't over extract (i.e. keep the coffee in the water for too long)

It will take you 1/2 dozen tries to hit upon your ultimate taste preference...and I suggest a tiny pinch of ground cardamom & raw sugar to give it a little something extra...sorta like a Virgin Turkish Coffee

And this is one of my favorite coffee research pieces of all time (and features my other favorite web-vixen)



I second the half-and-half option, Alexis. I do that when I'm trying to cut back, and it works wonderfully.


I've been inspired to get on a French Press kick as well. Haven't bought one yet, though, and have been tempted every single time by the ones at Ikea. I was cruising them at Bed Bath & Beyond last night, too. Perfect for workplace environs with bad coffee, but freely available hot water.


Another thing to consider is that the darker roasts have less caffeine, so going the dark roast route would benefit in that way as well. I prefer the more deliecate flavor of lighter roasts, but I am a coffee dude, through and through.

My wife and I used a little stovetop espresso maker for years, similiar to this guy:


Super simple, and it works just as well over a campfire.



A 3-alarm hangover??????


Damn Azians.


Do they call it a "Freedom Press" at Republican Parties? I prefer diet Dr Pepper myself

hedy de vine

i'm gonna have to guess and say no, they don't call it freedom press at republican parties. that would be too much of an endorsement of our first amendment rights.

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