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I always wondered about Thrivent's name. If you're Lutheran, do you have to buy from them, kinda like tithing? If you're not Lutheran, will they even sell to you?


You know what I love about this post? I love how it fluidly transitions from the metaphysical ideology of space exploration to a Nordstrom's sale.


I aim to please.

Matthew H

I think I will go back to school and do a thesis studying the synapses of the female mind...like Spock would say.."Facinating"


Thrivant is the company which bought out Lutheran Brotherhood.

Lutheran Brotherhood started out as an insurance company which did all of its networking within the Lutheran Church, but it is not a specifically religious organization. I worked as a temp for them on two separate occasions back when I was an ambitious young corporate proto-drone.

Nordstrom's sale, you say? Egads! Denim waist-lines is one example where the fashion industry is letting the world down. I mean, some people like a low rise, some like the way-high "mommy" jeans, and some like something in between. In a perfect world, there would be the full spectrum available out there, but since the fashion industry has decreed that the "in" look is "low enough to require pube waxing" at this moment, that's all anybody is carrying.

I know dozens of women who have flat-out refused to buy new jeans for the last year or two, simply because they can't find any which come up high enough to suit them.

And you just know that, in another year or two, all the ultra-skinny girls who kind of need low-rise jeans to give them the illusion of proper hips will be out of luck, because the look will suddenly be "out."

If I were ruler of the fashion empire, things would be different, I tells ya.


Does anyone else find it funny that Thrivent Financial for Lutherans' new billboard slogan is "You Handle the 'Live Long', We'll Take Care of the 'Prosper'", a direct Star Trek reference? Perhaps someone should inform Thrivent that Gene Roddenberry was an adamant Athiest.

That's hilarious. To tell you the truth, I've run up against so much brain-dead marketing that I wouldn't be surprised if no one at their af firm flagged it -- "Uh, hey, you guys, you do know this is a Star Trek thing, right?"

Stuff does get into the language. How many slogans, advertising campaigns and so on have used the phrase "Make My Day?"

Thrivent, by the way, is not just a company that bought Lutheran Brotherhood; it actually represents the merger of that company and another, Aid Association for Lutherans, which supported a different Lutheran denomination. Actually I don't know whether or not they let non-Lutherans get an IRA through them. Who knows.

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