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Didn't we just have this gopher discussion last Friday?

jaime O'Bradovich

gophers.. internet nerd protocol.. whoa. look at that photo!


Face it, Alexis, you're a city girl. If you want to see gophers and loons, you need to get out-state a bit more often.

There are no loons on Lake & Hennepin.

Well... not the bird kind, anyway.

Mad props for knowing our state motto. Just another example of why you're my favorite local blogger.


For the record, I grew up on a farm in North Branch and I currently live in Northeast!


You must have at least *heard* a loon back in the day then, haven't you???

I mean, North Branch is not quite Ely, especially these days with that big outlet mall and stuff, but it's still a pretty woodsy little town.

Matthew H

I can vouch that North Branch is not great Loon territory (at least not the bird. I had a 10 acre hobby farm there for 3 years and my ex-wife is from there..I rest my case). FYI, every once and a while, you will see a loon on Lake Calhoun or Harriet. Oh, and there are no Pucci stores in North Brach...LMAO!


Aaargh, I hate that photo (although you look great...I don't know what took you five months to find it).

The Minneapoline is strangely similar to Fashion Skool, which flared up this summer and then vanished.


Ahhh, I see that you are back to showing your Pucci on the internet.


oh, I remember this photo. the photographer thought we were some kind of a committee..


The Dressed in Black Committee.


I can't wear black lately, because I recently got a shiba inu puppy (pics in my MySpace blog), and she's shedding her undercoat right now (something they do twice a year).

So it's either go through miles and miles of roll-tape over the next week or two, or else just wear lighter colors for a while.


No one really sees the gophers, they just see the piles of dirt from their tunneling.

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