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Damn, what a bummer to hear that Wasabi isn't very good. I'm always excited about new Japanese restaurants.

Although I find it strange that your review of the place is mainly restricted to the drinks and the decor. I don't go to sushi bars for the margaritas... When I go out for Japanese, I'm perfectly happy with a frosty glass of Sapporo. How is the FOOD there?

(Wait... Why am I asking you? You don't eat seafood, steak, or pork, which eliminates about 90 percent of what I set foot in Japanese restaurants for.)


God, you're fabulous. I kind of hate you a little bit for it, too...


The fact that I forgot to include it should be indicative of how memorable the food is at Wasabi. Every vegetarian thing I tried (soups, tempura, sushi, and cocktails) was bland to mediocre, and I got the same feedback from my fish and seafood-eating friend. Perhaps the restaurant will at least serve the purpose of introducing the Vikings pre-game crowd to Asian cuisine beyond bad chow mein takeout.

Oh, Amber. You make me blush.


Well, that's a bummer. At least we've still got the Origami.

just for jk

Can the best internet gaffe of 2006 have something to do with meth recipies?


Yeah. No one saw that one coming.

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