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I didn't know you were posting gratuitous pics of hot guys (whose intelligence I also respect, blah blah blah) on your blog now...

Let's make this a regular event!


Taylor was seen in front of my house on Monday night with Jason DeRusha, WCCO Cameraman Kris Berg, Brian and Tricia from east-lake.net, Matt Schmoeckel and my neighbor Troy. Almost all of us were drinking Fat Cat Beer and watching my neighbor's christmas lights.


He just answered an email I sent him. Unless his captor has taken over his email account too...


I can confirm s4xton's account. Taylor looked dashing, as always, and did not roll up to the house on a moped. He also did not "conduct" the lights from his front porch, as a certain moblogger did. He did drink a beer, though.


Monday night was my first time meeting Taylor, but yes, he was around and in front of s4xton's house.

Hmmm, Fat Cat beer.


I, too, was wondering about Taylor -- he hasn't commented lately!

Sarah Buckley

See this makes me wonder if it was something I said ??? That was the last time I saw Taylor too but we usually keep our relationship online. Bom chicka boum boum.


his people have been in contact with my people. apparently a video is forthcoming, involving egegious karaoke of a terrible song.


The bastard owes me a drinking night, and a radioactive cocktail is coming his way.


Okay, I got an email from Taylor this morning. And, actually, the last time I saw him was at the vita.mn launch party, which was after my birthday.

But I'm still concerned.

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