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fwiw, they only sold 450 tickets for this show, the other tickets were all given away by Camel cigarettes at giveaways at various twin cities venues. from what i heard, they didn't even give enough tickets away, so if you really want to go, i'd say head down there (i might myself)


come on, admit it - you were really at that mcdonald's parking lot to see flipp.


The funny thing is that people are scalping the free Camel tickets, which means that someone could theoretically buy a ticket for $100 and not even be guaranteed entry into First-Ave.

I'm happy--and lucky, apparently--that I was quick enough to get them through ticketmaster, which means that not only will I not have to wait in line, worried that I might not get in, but I will also not have to endure my least favorite band, Glassjaw.


I have no idea why that entry posted twice. Apologies to Rex and Jess for deleting your comments!


I kinda figured you'd be going and would have been privy to the tons of tickets Camel was apparently giving away last week. If you weren't, then I feel bad for not passing along the information.


"Alexis on the Sexes"?

I thought it should be...

"Alexis on her Ex's"

much more insightful.

black java

I had a couple Camel tickets. My friend and I waited about an hour and half to get in. We were 10 feet from the door when they reached capacity. No joke. Those free ticket are great but you do have to get there really early to put them to use.

We decided (along with much of the rest of the line) to walk across the street to O'Donovan's for some guiness instead. Never seen so many angry people drinking Guiness before. A lot of people were in the same boat.

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