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I'd just like to add that, within the same two days I dropped and shattered that Studio Fix compact, I also dropped and shattered one fourth of my Eye Shadow quad, and the little plastic thing on the inside of the cap on my Lip Gelee that stops it from oozing out broke off. If I was a superstitious girl, I'd think all of the above was a sign that I should stop using MAC.


That was a hilarious skit -- even Al laughed. Watching SNL reminded me of you wearing your "I'm Mrs. Timberlake" t-shirt...


Watch out for the bad paper cuts, yo. Ouch.


It's no secret that I'd accept any kind of gift from Justin Timberlake.

It's like it gets funnier every time I watch it. Here's Color Me Badd's "I Wanna Sex You Up" for a fun comparison.


Thus the modeling thing didn't take, as your 36" inseam kept tripping you up on the runway. :(


That guy in the video stole Taylor's beard.


"That guy in the video stole Taylor's beard."

and his first date scheme to get action.


Dude, it's that little hand gesture Andy Samberg does when he sings "fancy car" that makes him completely interchangeable with Taylor.


that skit was too funny! the Homelessville one was great too; i think I've seen it 5 times since last night...


Ha - I just watched this one tonight, after only being able to catch the last half of SNL on Saturday night. And I would just like to say...if JT wanted to give me his dick in a box for Christmas, I'd make it the gift that keeps on giving.


My Christmas shopping is now complete.

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