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The new pic is lovely!


Thank you! That's what I look like now, since you probably haven't seen me since the old photo was taken. And of course I can't make it to your upcoming shindig. I'm still holding out hope, though, that we shall meet again.


I think the new picture is an upgrade. I love your hair.

Gyah! San Juan. If only I had guessed a tiny bit further North. T_T

Welcome back, just in time for the bitter cold.


Indeed, this new pic is lovely..you look like a hot geisha:) what have you done to your hair?? it looks great! you have to recommend someone to do my hair as well, I am in desperate need of a haircut.


I was only 6000 miles off in my guess! Little victories.


Yep - gorgeous photos, Alexis!


Thank you, thank you.

Marina: Go see Sarah Buckley! She's a wizard. Then we can all go for happy hour at the Peacock Lounge after your haircut.

Sarah Buckley

Nice you went for it.... F' em in the A...
The new photo is really perfect... way to rock that hair! I guess I do know what I am doing. xoxoxox


Lex, I remember when you were my little "brown berry" from playing outside all the time! The photo is lovely, of course. And, yes, Marina, go see Sarah Buckley!! I have impossible hair and she's a miracle worker.


Yes, long gone are the days where my dark skin would attract the attention of strangers, so much that they were compelled to approach and ask, "are you Native-American?" Now I tell people that I am part Native-American and the response is always "... really?"

Like a tiny genocide on the landscape that is my skin, the Europeans kicked the crap out of the Indians in what no one will disagree was an unfair fight, and only the Anglo-frost remains. This happened in my mid-twenties. Someone told me it was because that's my Scorpio time of ascension or something like that.


In San Juan, eh? Nice cannon. PR can be a wonderful place. I hope you enjoy it. And BTW, I like that you were left holding the bag in CW.


Sorry, make that "enjoyed it," past tense, since you're back.


Definitely my favorite.


Nice! I LOVED Puerto Rico.

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