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Also, Steve Rice did an amazing job with the photography for these stories. I'm excited to see if they look as good in print as they do online.


Word...AJ is an old-school throwback of the best kind. He's not only an unabashed ladies man and professional boozehound, he is a first rate gentleman in the truest sense of the word.


Yes, his penchant for strip clubs really proves that. I love Aaron Johnson so much.

Ed Kohler

Great job stalking Aaron. Your article made me crave the Town Talk. I haven't been there since Tuesday, ya see.


ET phone home.


Your cupcakes are gorgeous!

And please add me to the AJ fan club as well - he is such a darling and I love how you can go for brunch, order a coffee at the counter and walk out drunk at noon, thanks to his penchant for spreading around the freebie concoctions...

(Oh, and I should probably confess that it was me who asked you at Temple a couple weeks ago "Are you Alexis????? I recognize you from your blog!!!!")


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