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Did you tape Bizarre Foods by any chance? I was at belly dancing class and missed it!


I knew it...Alexis is descended from Gypsies.


The world so did not need to know that my mother takes belly dancing lessons.


What a world. Who would ever think their mom would write on their blog, "I was at belly dancing class."

Mr. Delicious

Hey Alexis' Mom (if that is your real name!), check out travelchannel.com/bizarre and you can see the re-run schedule, or ask Alexis to lend you her custom monogrammed set of Biz Foods season one DVDs. No reason why anyone should have to live one more day than they have to without seeing me eat across the Philippines. Also has Jason seen pix of the rest of the family, every single one of them is 6 feet tall and a stone cold fox. This is easily the best thread to reside on this site in 6 months....te-he-he-he...


You guys go great with my morning coffee!


I definately want to see a mom picture. Frankly, I'd like to see mom and daughter taking belly dancing together. That'd make a good WCCO story.

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