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You're actually in second place on the poll now, behind Heather.


Actually, "doe-eyed" is almost always a very high compliment. Deer have stunningly deep and lovely eyes.

To call you "doe-eyed" means that your eyes appeared dark, wide, and beautiful to her.

Ms. Hutton was clearly smitten with you. Take that news however you like.

For what it's worth, I like your eyes, too.


As for her comment about the mille-fueille, I'm guessing that, not being a vegetarian, she didn't pay very close attention to changes in the vegetarian menu.

Maybe the Twin Cities needs a vegetarian food critic, and maybe it should be you. For my own part, the fact that Rachel Hutton says the stone-cooked Kobe beef is worth the drive dramatically increases the chance of my driving downtown to check it out sometime soon.


Alright, alright, I'll take "doe-eyed" as a compliment. I retract the statement that I have beef with it.

I'm still wondering if it's normal to review a new restaurant that soon. Even Temple had kinks to work out of the kitchen (they're gone now) and I always assumed that professional critics at least spread out their visits, if not wait two or three weeks to make that first trip. BUT I'm certainly not a professional critic, so I guess it's more of a question than anything. And there is speculation that the review was rushed to both be the first published review of Temple and included in The Annual Food Issue.


I would imagine they catch heat if a new restaurant in town isn't checked out and written up in short order.

I also suspect that most new restaurants prefer it that way. A lot of people are not as tuned in to the dining scene as you or Andrew Zimmern, and the only way they find out about new places is from food critics writing reviews of them.

Even if it's a rather lukewarm review like she wrote of Temple, it's still free publicity for the restaurant. Some people are going to read it and say "wow... a new Vietnamese-inspired restaurant is in town, and that hottie from the vita.mn sex column is a hostess there! Let's go check it out!"


By the way, you climbed to #1 in the voting, just by linking it to it.

And how the hell does "Bree" even belong on the list, anyway??? She's not a blogger, she's an actress.


Your average score rounds up to 6.9...I'm just sayin'.


I've made it a life goal to hook up with 30% of the hot top 10. So close...

I know, I'm a horrible, horrible person.


I gave you a 10.


"I've made it a life goal to hook up with 30% of the hot top 10. So close..."

Is that on the guys or girls list? Or both?

I bet Alexis' score would go through the roof with knowledge of "that" tattoo.


I'm pissed they don't have Elaine's "STELLLLLAAAAAAAA!" clip on that Seinfeld site.


pffft....i've made it with half the dames on that list.
(excuse me while i chuckle to myself for a moment.)

We liked Temple a whole lot. When we do a Minnesota Stories review, we will kick Minnesota Monthly's ass in Google.

I missed Bizarre Foods dangit, but some of those outtakes are completely hilarious!

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