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Thanks to Tom Horgen for the Smitten Kitten workshop info. For the record: when asked whether or not he was signed up, Tom completely avoided the question.


But...but...that's not technically during the Indy's wicked awesome happy hour!

Eh, not that it really matters.


If you're drinking bottled beer and wine, it's better than the regular happy hour, and it goes all the way 'til 2 instead of ending at 7! Plus, you still get the awesome appetizers happy hour deals.


Heads up: I can't go to the Alexis on the Sexes party on the 22nd until late. It's the O.C. FINALE, bitches.

And Tom Horgen is a hugger, not an ass fucker (not that there's anything wrong with that).


I pity anybody who passes up plans with real people for the sake of a TV show.

I mean, seriously, have you not heard of tivo?


Real people? At the Independent?

I need my O.C. live and in the raw, dude.

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