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Long time reader - first time poster...
BUT i must pass this on. I have made Ina's cupcakes a hundred times and here is the absolute best tweak - forget the homemade version from her and use Pilsbury white cake mix (no other brand works as well) and throw into the mix half a bag (10oz) good qaultiy sweet coconut. Bake a few minutes under package directions and you will get the most requested dessert ever. And very very moist...
I know this is not the most foodie way to go - but seriously - i have made this recipe so many times and did this about a year ago for lack of time and will never go back. Try it! Also - I sometimes toast coconut for the tops of the cupcakes which makes a huge difference too. I'm going to try the lemon zest next time...


I really picked a fabulous day to bring you a cupcake, didn't I.


Any of these come from that book I got you?

sarah buckley

I so did not think you would get that done.


Look at you, culinary princess! I also noticed you posted a picture of your hot cousin. Nice.

Did C tell you that we're hitting up your little shindig on Thursday?


Big S: I baked Saturday and decorated Sunday, so I got absolutely nothing done after I left your house on Friday.

Rex: Not specifically, but the recipes I used are pretty standard. I'm excited to try out some of those recipes, though, because they're much more fancy. Here's another site for cupcake creative inspiration.

Marchelle: Now you understand the look of exasperation on my face when you showed up on my doorstep with a little white bakery bag.

Drea: Thanks, I'll try that. I actually have half a bag of coconut and a bunch of frosting left, so I'll be doing that sooner rather than later.

Amber: Sweet! Can't wait to see you ladies two nights in a row. One evening of hard work, the other of hard drink.


P.S. Big ups to Lynn's Cake and Candy Supplies on University Avenue in Spring Lake Park for the festive mini-muffin papers, blue sugar, and pink bakery box. That place is super fun.


I'll be tagging along on Thursday too! :)



Hey, I was googling Minneapolis + cupcake and thought I would pass along the cupcake event I having at Arise! in two weeks.

Chris @ Personalised Cakes

That must have been quite a cupcake party with this whole box full :-)

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