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I'm sorry, but they are both truly awful. Any other choices?


Return. Go for the others. Definitely.


I gotta disagree. The second pair remind me of knockoff Louis Vuitton purses that you can now buy in Kmart because they're finally hip to the dying trend. The first pair are cuter, but if they're uncomfortable...why not pass them both up for a pair you really actually love and don't question?

I could totally make a man analogy out of that, but I'll spare you.


For the love of all things holy, RETURN! RETURN NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

Tall is fabulous, by the way. Unless you're dating a short guy who's freaked by your height, (***dump him***) why worry about heel level?


Hold on ladies, I need to clarify - the Payless shoe may be a knock-off of the Nine West, but lets all keep in mind that EVERYTHING Nine West makes is knocked-off.

Your platforms are really truely a knock-off of a knock-off, either Louboutin or Chloe for their fall 2007 seasons, and they are hot. They are brand new for Fall '07 which means they will definitely be au current next fall, even in Minnesota.

If you can actually find shoes for under $20, keep them even if you never wear them they're practically free.

Don't do anything with those Heavenly Soles shoes - they're hideous.


I'm not feeling either one but especially not the 1st pair. They look super bulky/chunky but not in a good way...Almost like they would make you waddle while wearing them.

But I've never met you before so maybe you're incredibly graceful, who knows.


I like both pair. They are both very fun..

There's nothing wrong with heels and/or platforms for you. In fact, I think tall women pull off high heels BETTER than short ones.

However, if the first pair is uncomfortable, I say "return". Fake leather NEVER breaks in to fit comfortably. Your foot gives, not the material. Don't kid yourself. If you must buy faux leather out of love for the pretty cows, then *insist* on buying shoes that fit perfectly right from the day you buy them.

Also, the second pair looks to me like it would go well with more outfits, especially jeans, since the strap is on the top of the foot instead of around the ankle.

So while I agree that they are cute as all get-out, I sadly must vote "return" on the Payless Platforms.


In fact, I think tall women pull off high heels BETTER than short ones.

I just realized that the way I wrote that makes it sounds like short heels are not good for tall women.

What I meant was that tall women pull heels off better than short women. Long legs make heels and platforms look great. Short women on too high of heels can almost look like bowling trophies.


I say: ditch the (boring and uncomfortable-looking) wedges and splurge on the (cute and not treacherously spindly) heels. But what do I know? I dress like a dogwalker.


RETURN!!! Ditch the bad mary jane/wedge fusion.


Thanks for the opinions, everyone. Keep them coming!

Shopgrrl makes a good point about the wedges being a knock-off of a fall style.

Dave, faux leather usually breaks in quite nicely! Nowadays it's made with plasticized PVC, which can stretch. But unlike leather, it takes years for it to show wear. I bet most ladies would be surprised to learn that their many of their super soft and flexible Franco Sarto knee boots or Steve Madden ballerina flats are cruelty-free.


Nowadays it's made with plasticized PVC, which can stretch. But unlike leather, it takes years for it to show wear.

That may be the case of some of your better fake leathers out there, but the stuff used for $20 Payless shoes? I speak from experience when I say that not even a shoe-stretcher is going to reshape them, let alone your foot.


Bummer about your bad luck. My favorite pair of heels are three-inchers that I bought at Payless for $6!


Seriously, I like those Payless. I kinda want a pair for myself. They're versitile too - they'd be great with a skinny jean, skirts or shorts. I guarantee everyone will be making them in the next few months (if Steve Madden doesn't have a pair out yet they will soon) Plus, I'm pretty tall moi-meme and even though I don't often wear heels I love beeing as tall as possible when I do. Freakishly tall even. Although they are the cheaper of the two pairs, they're more sophisticated, unless silly and whimsical is your thing. Then I guess I'd go for the Heavenly Soles pair.

This is my biggest problem with Minnesota, btw, no good places to buy shoes.


You said it. I've been trying to warm my sister up to the idea of opening a boutique with me.


I say go for it - MN needs lots more good shops - shoes, clothes, everything.


Nix the Payless shoes!!


The second pair are adorable. The first pair are just... well, almost matronly, but I've never been a huge fan of the clunkiness of the wedge.

jaime O'Bradovich

both. but make sure they're shower proof.


Payless shoes are not necessarily bad by any means. That's not what I am saying.

What I'm saying is that their shoes are usually not made of synthetics that you can stretch. If they don't fit when you buy them, they won't ever fit.

Too bad, because they are awfully cute.


Let's face a fact here: People who wear those wedges cease to be hot. And that's the truth of the matter. And that's clearly not fair to you.


You're more of a Keds or Converse grl.


Do you ever gravitate over to open toe anything?


I love that second pair, they're very cute.


"Let's face a fact here: People who wear those wedges cease to be hot."

Setting aside the fact that wedges can be quite sexy (including the shoes in question), anybody who stops finding a woman attractive because of their footwear is ready to play for the other team. If you were not already aware that you are at least a little gay, congratulations on discovering this new side of yourself.

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