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Wow, that's a really pretty pattern. I'd have to see it on you to say for sure if the colors were right for you, but since it's a skirt I'm of the opinion that you can get away with almost anything as long as it's paired with the right top (and the perfect shoes. I'm thinking some kind of flirty sandal or perhaps a pair of espadrilles.)

It's a great find. I can kind of relate, because I just had several boxes of old family-owned jewelry handed to me, and I'm finding some tasty wheat among the chaff. (The less desirable pieces will be sacrificed for the sake of my voracious beading hobby.)

Zinc suppliments, while not particularly useful in cold prevention, are said to help you recover faster if you do get sick.

Also, now that the snow is melting away, try to get some sun and fresh air. It will do you a world of good.


Wow, that skirt...I'm so glad you didn't toss it, it's a lovely relic. I hope it doesn't fall apart when you clean it! It made me smile when I saw the photo, matches Felicia just fine. Next time you're digging/cleaning around a dirty place, wear a dust mask. Chinese herbs will help your sinuses or some Native healer tea. Dave, I love old jewelry and do the same thing with the less desirable pieces.


if you wear that, you'll be sari.

Sarah Buckley

I am a fan of PHO with tons of cock sauce hot and spicy clears it all out. I love PHO 79 on energy park drive yeah you did not know there was one over there. I also eat a ton of garlic just roast it and eat it with bread. Yummy! oh and i like airborne which is a zinc fizzy. I come in contact with every flu bug but usually don't get sick.


I always recommend Emergen-C for colds. Two or three packets a day mixed in water will take care of it. Then drink one or two daily for prevention. It comes in different flavors. I'm partial to the raspberry.

hedy de vine

Our kitties could be twins if mine wasn't so ratty looking.


I've recently discovered the joys of a Eucalyptus steam inhalation when dealing with respiratory garbage. Feel better.

hedy de vine

I tried the neti pot and it wasn't all that bad. And my sinuses feel clearer already. Thanks for the recommendation!


Hah! I thought I was the only one that called that unpronouncable chile sauce with the rooster on the bottle "cock sauce." Sarah and I seem to have the same cold remedies.


Oh THAT's what she meant by "cock sauce"!? I kind of assumed she was talking about a whole other remedy entirely. ^_^;;

Sarah Buckley

yeah that would clear the sinus too but more manually then i care for


Felicia is a hottie.

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