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Sarah Buckley

Amen.... I go to the church of JMay religiously.


For southern suburbanites, I highly reccomend Cole Nelson, owner of the Aquarius day spa at 98th and Lyndale.

Seriously. As a transgendered person of mostly north-european descent, I have a LOT of excess eyebrow to remove. If she can do my brows, she can do anybody's.

Mr. Delicious

Church of J-May???
Do not take the lord's name in vain, J-M walks on water from where I sit. And as any of her clients will admit, you are always torn between recommending her incomparable services (I do!) and never breathing a word about her since the one day notice comment is just Alexis being generous....

Rich G.

I don't know -- Jen (aka: Sofia in Chasing Windmills) does eyebrows over at The Beauty Room in Southeast Mpls and the word "perfect" often comes up in conversations related to her and her clients' eyebrows.


Perhaps you should add the disclaimer that you're sleeping with her, Rich.


I, on the other hand, am not sleeping with my esthetician. I'll be glad to back up my claim of Cole's skills with photos of myself on request. In most of my recent pictures, my brows are one of the few things I'm completely happy with.


As a non-sexual-partner client of Jen's, I'll definitely vouch for her. Her name may not be as cool as J-May's but her eyebrows are rather exquisite.


And unlike J-May, Jen DOES do Brazilian bikini waxes. Enjoy.

Rich G.

Given that you bore witness to the horrendous monobrow I was rolling with before I met her, Alexis, I'd think you'd feel pretty comfortable with the recommendation. Christ, I looked like a Sephardic Bert before she got a hold of me.


Hey, that was going to be the next question I was going to send in -- where the heck do you go in this town to get a decent bikini wax.


Now I'm kinda sad I don't remember Rich's unibrow.

Thanks for the additional recommendations, everyone.


I'd like to see pictures of Rich's Bert-brow.

Rich G.

Only if you promise not to send them to Heeb: The New Jew Review. They'd revoke my subscription.


Where is Jessie May? I went to book an appt. and she is no longer with H Design Salon. HELP...PLEASE!

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