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My big sister has informed me that the black patent hobo above is "awful" and, since it can't be returned, should be destroyed.


How's their t-shirt selection?

K Thx Bye. :)


Hmm, never checked. Probably pretty good, since the place is sprawling.


I live less than a block away from Sun Ray.

Don't worry, I'm moving this summer. :-)


I'm not loving the patent bag either (the shoes rock, but they don't need a patent bag to match. Black goes with everything.)

The BLUE bag, on the other hand, is way awesome. If you don't have an outfit it goes with, shop for one immediately!

I agree with sis

86 the patent bag. Matching your shoes and your handbag is tacky. Too matchy-matchy.


Hey--another link to another blogger. This site belongs to a college friend who is a Minneapolis opera singer who makes her side income thrifting...her 3/23 blog is a rundown of where to thrift in the Cities



Matching your shoes and your handbag is tacky.


Sometimes matching a bag to your shoes is the best way to pull an outfit together. I just don't think those shoes in particular demand it.

hedy de vine

That blue is so vibrant. Nice find.


"I'm really not a cat blogger." my ass!

Your "Cat Fancy" subscription will be shipping in approx. 1 week. Thank you, come again.

Oh, and can you send Felicia over the Hedy's place to teach Wolf how to properly groom? He looks to have a constant hangover. Like owner, like cat I guess. ;)

Helena Antle

Oooops! I love your bag! The black leather one. OMG! That would definitely complement my yellow ruffled dress. heheh. How much did it cost you to buy this? Oooh. I just wish I can afford this!

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