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I love this. Love, love, love the fish. 98 bucks is a bit pricey, but I would live in this out on the porch drinking my morning coffee all summer long....


it is a bit too expensive for a sleeveless sweater. beautiful color and detail, but not very practical I think.


Never spend that much on acrylic.


Agree with Andrea, never spend that much on acrylic.

Sarah Buckley

I had a sweater with short sleeves once. I still have people who give me shit about it. Once you wear it you realize how silly it is. Return.

Jon Busey-Hunt

KEEP, 'cause the fish!


For less than $40 - yes!
For $98?? - Not so much.

It is very cute and I love the fish...but that's a lot to pay for something you can only wear for a short time during the year.


KEEP! Cuz it's adorable, and when you do wear it, you will feel adorable!

Don't keep if you can't afford it.


I can see why you are conflicted.

The fish - awesome.
The color scheme - pretty.
The design... Hmmm...
The price - high.

I would have to see you wear it before voting. If I think the cut of it flatters you, it gets in with a narrow "yes" vote. If not... $98 is an outrage for anything less than perfection, and I will vote no.

So get to posing! Enough with this hanger-display nonsense! You should know as well as anybody that seeing a dress on a hanger tells you nothing! Nothing, I say!


Return. Fish make your ass look big.

Jason D.

Honestly, the fish scares me a bit. I say return. And I love this feature on the blog.


Yeah, totally. 'Keep or Return' is a keeper. (I should do this with girlfriends. I'd trust DeRusha's vote!)

your sister

I like it but me the acrylic is throwing me off... plus it is trendy so the $98 may be too much to spend if you can't wear it next year.

Chica J.

Although you say this a sweater, it bares striking resemblance to the bath robes we bought last summer. Much flashier however, and much more expensive. I agree with Dave, seeing it on could assist in the voting process. Either way, I think my vote is return, unless of course it was bought with someone else's funds.


Skip it. it's cute but it's not CUTE. The full length zipper also raises some security issues now that you are a public face! what if some drunk jerk decides to....you get the drift. That being said, for a personal lounge wear collection the zipper could be a plus....

jaime O'Bradovich

keep it. it's awesome.


If u keep this, I'll know it's only because Jamie said so.


I just bought this dress at Marshals for 30 bucks! Ha! And Im obsessed!

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