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You really can't go wrong with Betsey Johnson's, can you. Those are fantastic.

I've got tons of great shoes, all with heels of 3" or more. I'm a short gal, I like heels, but I've been looking for a lower heel black sandal with little luck. I'm fine with the wedge and I get that it's the fashion this summer, but ... no. I want a real heel, dammit.


I'm dig purple. The shoes are great.


I adore the purple satin upper and the heart-sy bow, but the lucite heel just ain't for me.

Glad you got em, cuz you love em!


with apologies to Alexis' mom, today's question is:

Q: what's better than a glamazon wearing fuck-me pumps?
A: I dunno


Excellent choices! Love the purple, with what will you wear them?


Sara: I'm not sure yet. I'm in the middle of the seasonal closet transition, so we'll see what I find in there.

Geoff: I'm telling my mom where you work.


Cute, comfortable, and delightfully casual. I say "keep" and don't look back... but next time wait for them to go on sale for less than fifty bucks.

Damn, I wish DSW carried shoes in my size. :/


You have my offical approval on the purple pair - they are HOTTTT.


LOVE the purple heels! Geoff, I will find you...


I think it is possible to go wrong (or at least weird) with Betsey Johnson. I'm not sure about these for instance...I can't quite get my brain around all that pattern. But that's part of the reason why you gotta love her. Thumbs-up on the purple/lucite shoes, and I like how the Rocket Dog's have the feel of a wedge shoe, but aren't. I can't get into wedges, either. Style-wise, I mean...I could probably physically cram my feet into a pair of wedges. Maybe.



I laugh because I'd be more likely to buy the patterned Betsey Johsnsons Ellen posted than the purple PA-DOWS that Girl Friday purchased. Those are more me, style-wise.

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