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honey bunny

or, you could make them yourself for about $10. just get some shrinky-dink and then stop by bobby bead for the chain and earwire.


those earrings are adorable. too expensive though. I would wait and try and get something similar at Art-a-whirl.or maybe just tell somebody to make them for you..


I'm going to agree with the other DIY voices here.

Any jewelry which does not require a metal shop to craft should only be bought on clearance racks at Target or Claire's, when the whole thing costs less than the parts it was made of.

Finding or making the little face charms is the only hard part about making these earrings. The rest isn't even five whole minutes of assembly. If those charms were made from genuine moon rock or mastodon teeth or something, then maybe I could see paying a lot. If they are plastic, you just paid forty bucks for $6 earrings.

If this is another "keep or return" installment, I'm voting "return", in spite of the fabulousness of them.

If not, sorry you overpaid, but they are indeed very cute.


I didn't buy them, I just want them. I can't spend more on earrings than I do on sneakers.


Good for you.

Now I have an idea of what to make you for your next birthday.

J. M. Culver

I just stumbled upon your page.

I know this is an older post. I just noticed these cute earrings and thought i'd say you can find something similiar for a lot cheaper on etsy.com :)


Antoine Warner

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