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Jason D.

You are the last person. I've bought from this Minneapolis jewelry shop, Black Twig Design. Awesome.


Ah, see, you have already discovered the drawback of the peer-umping in MUSA. If it's any consolation, the Muskies lost our season opener 6-5 (played in a thunderstorm!) because the paid ump counted a run on a force play for the third out. (He said it wasn't a force because the forced runner was tagged, which is wrong. I chose not to dispute it, hoping it would not be decisive.)

Now where can I find a shortstop who dives for the ball?


Simon, I don't know much about kickball, but in most other baseball-inspired games if the runner has the right to return to their base (including if it's because the runner behind him was tagged out), it's not a force-out. Even if you thought it was, how is it that you got the ball to home plate and didn't get the guy in the hot-box anyway?

When I want custom clothing I go down to my own basement, where I have a sewing machine. Even if I don't yet know how to do so, the attempt is a good learning experience.

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