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Max Sparber

Gosh. Thank goodness I'm not the only one with a picture of you up in my terlet.


Wow! They've certainly cleaned up Liquor Lyle's since I last visited!


On the one hand, that is beyond cool. On the other, I'm not sure how thrilled I would be of a photo of me with the word "burning" hanging over a urinal. But I'm going to be a sport and stick with beyond cool.


That's pretty hot. Do they also have one on the women's side?


He he, funny... I should switch to bathroom/urinal photography for good ;)




I tried to aim high when I was pissing, but I couldn't give you the golden shower I know you want and love ):


was at Lyle's last night and your ad has already been defaced. you eyes are now "x's", you have a penis going into your mouth, and it states "the future is in my mouth". i still love you


Yeah, I gotta agree that "Burning Sex Questions Answered" posted above a urinal makes it sound like you work for some kind of STD crisis hotline.

But hey... No such thing as bad publicity, right?




Mom, I can't help but hear Marge Simpson's voice when I read your comments.

Jason D.

People should keep the words golden and shower very very far apart from each other. Wayne. Alexis' mom should wash your mouth out with soap.


Mom, I can't help but hear Marge Simpson's voice when I read your comments.

I thought I was the only one who did that!


hmmmm, raises some interesting ideas about the old saw "no such thing as bad pub". I gotta go with the WAY COOL vibe, if vita.mn is willing to dip into the marketing budget for you, take it. I don;t see them promoing any of Horgen's bunk anywhere. And let's give Mom some credit, she's a grown up, and from what I understand can kick Wayne's ass.


If Horgen had a billboard, I'd move in across the street from it.

la espia t

I spotted that same ad in the women's bathroom (1st stall) at the Calhoun Beach Club (The View)


Did you see the billboard over the Caribou in Dinkytown?


Jason D -- about keeping the words "golden" and "showers" apart? You should tell that to Paul Douglas. I'll tell you a story sometime.

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